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Frequently asked questions

How will my email address be used?
Your email address is private and will not be sold.
Your email address will be:
  • • Your default username, used to log into your account.
  • • Where your monthly membership statement is sent.
Can I change my company name or phone number?
Yes. You can change this information from your member dashboard.
Can I talk to a person?
Yes, we're available during normal business hours (M-F 10 to 5 EST) at 877-444-6339.
Am I allowed to register my company?
Owners and decision makers are who should register a company. If you are a customer or driver please mention to the top brass at your favorite towing company.
Will my company be visible instantly?
Yes. Once you complete the member sign up process your featured listing will be visible.
Do I need to sign up on each of the 40 sites?
No. This sign up process will feature your towing and roadside services company on more than 40 sites including,,, and many more. You do not need to sign up separately on each site.
What if I have Multiple Locations?
Your featured listing will appear in searches for a 40 mile radius. We recommend you start with your primary location. Then contact us at 877-444-6339 and we will assist you in adding additional locations.

Alternatively, you can always add different location to your company's profile once you access your member dashboard (after signup).
Do I have to enter my full address?
No. However, to get the benefits of your listing helping your Google local listing the address should be your full address and it should match the address on your Google My Business Map Listing.
What if I'm not on Google?
Enter your primary address as accurately as possible. You will want to get a Google My Business account. We will send you a video with instructions on setting one up for free.
What if the map doesn't look right?
If something does not appear correctly on the map please alert us after sign up. In most cases you'll find it displays correctly once your listing is live, however, we are happy to assist.
There is only one box, how do I enter my address?
The above box uses Google's location search. Start typing your address in one line and it will display possible addresses. If you don't see your address, keep typing and it will appear.
What if my address doesn't appear in the location box?
If your address doesn't appear go ahead and click Next and move on to the next step. We verify all data within one business day of sign up. We will adjust the address and call you if we have questions.
How do I enter a unit number, apartment number, or suite number?
You can enter a unit number after your street address with a comma and then the unit number. If it does not appear correctly in the box we are happy to get the unit number added after sign up. You can email us at or respond to the welcome email.
Is there a free membership?
All featured memberships are paid memberships. If you want to appear when visitors search your area you will need to be a featured member.

If you want to register, without paying to be a member you can register at: Company Registration.
What is the cancellation policy?
Companies can cancel at any time. There is no contract to hold you as a member. Just click cancel on your company dashboard, email us, or call 877-444-6339 and we'll cancel your account promptly. You can always come back at any time at the current membership pricing.
Which membership is right for my company?
We've created several membership options to help you with your goals. We are happy to help you choose the best membership for your company. You can reach us at 877-444-6339 (9 to 5 ET) or schedule a call at

Memberships are month-to-month with no contract. If you want to change accounts, we can help you with that at any time in the future. When in doubt, join us at any level and we can optimize your account later.
Is there a free membership?
Memberships support and are all paid. However, all companies can register for free.

Registration happens at: Company Registration.

It is important to note that registration is meant to help your existing customers find you. If you are looking for new customers, you will want to become a member.

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